Monday, August 1, 2016

MY WHY... Interior Design

My first remembrance of realizing my passion for décor came about the age of 13.  At 13 my greatest love was for music.  I had tons of 45 records and valued my collection. 

One night after my parents went to bed (my sister, Judy and I always night owls), I came up with the idea of hanging all of my records on my wall.  Now, I would call it my “feature” wall.

What did this first experience tell me about myself?  I think it was at that time I realized that I could express myself and who “I” was through décor.  This feature wall made my space feel like a reflection of me.

After many years of loving décor, art and design, I found myself more and more attracted to this talent.

I remember a case worker in our home for a visit after the adoption of our newborn son.  When she saw a collage of antique hats above our bed, she said, “You need to cultivate that talent”.  I did not totally understand what that meant until later in life.

When my husband was struck with an illness that took away his ability to walk, our lives made a drastic change.  We were forced to re-invent our lives.

It was at that time I found I wanted to use my talents to help set up a business that could use my natural God given talents.  With encouragement of family members and my first opportunities for business being family and friends, my business began to grow.

Now for cultivating these talents?  I made the best decision of my life when I enrolled in a local college and got every certification available in Interior Design.  I soaked up every course like a sponge and put every bit of knowledge into practice immediately.

So what is MY WHY?  

WHY did I begin an Interior Design business? 

What was my main motivation?

I think in a nutshell, it is my purpose in life.  It is the one thing I do with passion that is not even like work to me. 

Now, I get to help other people experience that same feeling of a space that is uniquely theirs.

My goal in working with my clients is to design spaces that reflect them.

What inspires you?  What makes your heart warm?  Do you have special places where you have been and made great memories?  We can help recreate these memories in décor and design.

Natural talent needs to be mixed with information and knowledge.  One without the other is just not enough to bring you to your fullest potential.

I am thankful I have been able to help many in their homes and spaces to make a unique, one of kind space that reflects who they are and brings the desired feeling they want when entering that space.

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