Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Lighten Up" Re-Do

My mother wanted to change her bedding that was given to her for her first makeover to a lighter bedding.  This meant new drapes also.  View here the first makeover one year ago, then continue on this post to see a slight transformation. 

Nothing like fresh pillows to make your bedroom have a new life.  These gold buff pillow cases by Ralph Lauren are a perfect blend of coziness to this new bedding ensemble.

We were able to use the same decorative pillow from the last makeover, a nature print with the perfect colors of our accent color theme.

For some repetition of our accent color, we opted for a large scaled clear vase with some
fabulous sized lemons.

Love this old antique find that has been in the family for some time now.

While on this trip, we also freshened the formal living room, using everything she already owned.
The changes made everything look new and fresh.  New drapes were added.

With  just a few fresh items, this room came to life.  The very tired sofa actually just needed some fresh Euro
pillow inserts and made the sofa look like a new one!  Adding a few other fresh accessories, we found
a good balance of  scale, proportion and rhythm.

This is the dining room.  We had to work around a freezer but found a
good solution to bring your eye to some beauty.  

It was such a joy to be able to spend an entire week with my beautiful 84 (!) year old mother.  She worked right beside me all the way.  View the guest room we also did on this trip here.

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