Monday, January 9, 2017

The Barn

A while back The Church Triumphant asked to help transform this large space in a barn building across from their main campus. They wanted space to be an area that could be multi functional.

This Saturday I spent some time tweaking the design per the growing use of this space.  The couches they loved.  We purchased 3 of them at a steal.  Getting them space planned to make a view for presentation speakers, etc. was a challenge but once done, it got a high five.

We looked for old wood and found this pile of wood from a fence being replaced in a neighborhood near my home.  A shout out to Facebook friends, and we had a location spotted!

This chair was my inspiration for the entire space.  It was love at first site.  To be honest, it is not comfy but great lines and the pattern was spot on.

I found this side table at a thrift shop.  My son, Aaron, refinished it for me.  I love the chevron wood layout on the top and the rustic vibe it brings to this space. 

I love it when accessories jump off the shelf into my basket.  Shopping with a vignette in mind, that happens.  I love the aesthetics of this space. And, the rug!  Perfection.

The coffee table was made from an old palette and the logo for the Cross Culture group burned on the table by a team of some crafted and talented members, Blake and Hannah.  Blake also
made the blackboard for us.

Behind this teal wall was some extreme eye sores that would have been super costly to work out.  Our solution:  build out a wall that would also create some much needed storage for additional chairs, etc.

Clearing out a building the church just sold was this large mirror.  It was one of the things going to the dumpster!  I snatched it and painted it a glossy white.  Wow, it is a keeper!  ♥♥♥

Goal:  portable tv stand to roll tv in storage when not in use.

I found this old antique narrow door at an antique shop on the road in Texas.
I had a glass company cut glass to make it a great table top.  To my great surprise,
they also made a tiny lip around the entire edge to keep the integrity of the door 
hardware.  Love! ♥♥♥
Trestle Ikea legs are used to hold the table top.

Believe it or not, I found this mantel on the side of the road in an old 
neighborhood near me.  I donated it to this venture.  Thanks to a church member
and super talented AJ for cleaning it up and making it fabulous!
AJ also constructed this wall area.

To view original idea for this space as only an initial concept, view here.

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