Thursday, August 14, 2014

Alexandria, Louisiana

It was my pleasure to have planned this trip to visit my mother for one solid week!  While there, there is always a lot of things I want to do to help in any way that I can.

This trip's focus was working on her guest room, using the previous master bedroom bedding and drapes, then revamping the Master with a lighter bedding which my client (my mother : ) ) really wanted.

A great comforter with shams and bed skirt was found at her local Tuesday Morning's.  In 6 days, you will see all that was accomplished.

To view the Master Bedroom as previously decorated on my last makeover trip, Click Here.

These photos were take after my sister, Judy took down all of the wallpaper border for me.  (so thankful for that!!) and, my Mother took down all of the previous decor.

My Preliminary Vision for this Space:
A quick sketch, originally thinking I wanted the photo gallery on this wall, then changed to right wall as once frames and photos were done, I knew it would be a place guest and friends and family will want to gather in close and see every detail.

We painted the space 2 shades darker than the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt color originally used to go with this bedding.  We are in love with the color.

Here is how the old Mid Century Flanders desk looked after sanding, 2 coats of spray primer and 2 coats of Sherwin Williams paint.

Now for the finishing touch, my artist sister, Judy added the glaze that toned it down to the perfect shade to match the small flower in the bedding.  Her artistic touch is just what made it complete!

The photo gallery went on the wall at the foot of the bed, immediately to the right when entering the room.
This space has become the favorite of the home as it reflects a photo of my mother and her sister, Bobbie on their 40's car, our family when Daddy was building our home and Kenny that arrived 10 years after my birth. I am the baby in the photos. The house sketch was done by  Judy.   There are 2 empty frames waiting for another photo of Kenny and another choice.  My favorite is my Mother mowing her lawn.  Still at 84 years old, she will still mow little  sections of her lawn at a time.  On her 83rd birthday, she got a new self propelled lawn mower from my sister, Linda.  She wants her lawn to look perfect always.

This awesome little trailer was parked on the property a little later than this photo and it is where we lived as Daddy built our home.  I lived in that house until I was married at 21 years old.

The right painting of the clothes line was done by my Mother.

Thanks to my Mother who worked along beside me working all along the way!

Another very happy client.  : )
Thank you for allowing me to share these photos.

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