Saturday, April 12, 2014

Styling a recent moved in home/Sugarland

Gorgeous home, amazing family, lots of great furniture and accessories.  We are loving styling this home. Still in the process, but we are sharing a portion of what's happening in this Sugarland fresh move in.  We are not sharing before shots as it was a fresh palette to work with using our own creative vibes.

The living room/den had great leather recliner sofas and some nice furniture pieces.  We just needed to infuse some softness, color and interest.  One trip to my favorite store and it all came together.
Watch for these items coming up...

Since this photo, we added a soft faux mohair throw, from Pottery Barn, on the ottoman .

Looking for the right items to fill this large space, I immediately found these really classy metal suitcases.  I knew it would bring some masculinity in the space yet a little glamour at the same time.  From there, we found the lamp and other elements.

Thank you ... Allyson & Charlie for allowing us to share your photos.

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