Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Living Room at Thistlewoods Farm

The vase on the left are berries picked right from Linda's trees on the property and dried.  The gold apple is an apple gourd grown in Linda's gardens and painted gold.

The long table once used as a coffee table is one that was given to her by our brother, Kenny.  This was used in a movie that was filmed in New Orleans.  This is our mother patiently watching our work.

Here is a look at the before of this area.  (below)

This is a look at the (before) entry area and the (after) results. (below)

Below is a photo of the before and after shot of the mantel.

This is the area left of the fireplace, before and after.  (below)

Here we had Linda make an arrangement from her home grown cotton.  This shot was before we added some new throw pillows. (below)

I really wanted to add this gorgeous live fern for the entry to give a natural definition to the entry area from the adjoining kitchen area.  We went to one of many of the plant farms in the area and found this one.  Perfect.

This goes into the kitchen area.  Colors are a dark gray for this feature wall and under the kitchen bar, white walls in kitchen and a medium gray in the living room and kitchen cabinets.  A very fresh look.

Linda Crowder is my sister.  She and her husband lives in Glenmora, Louisiana on acres of land.  They own 2 shops where they create items from their farm and old wood.  See their facebook page here. View a post from my visit to her home last summer here.

Thank you Linda for allowing me to post photos of our work for you.

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