Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday School Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Kimberly Sciscoe, pastor's wife of The Church Triumphant, Pasadena, Texas, asked me to do the decor for today's luncheon.  With around 45 in attendance, the room was set with white linens, black linen napkins and soft inspiring music.  

We used items we already owned, only purchasing fresh Craspedia flowers.  We used hand made pottery, many of whom my artist sister, Judy Walston made.

The theme was molding children's lives as the potter and the clay.  We found the large print in the church decor room of a child, depicting the hurting, unloved and unwanted child that we must reach out to.

Entry Table:

Speakers:  Rev. Oliver and Vickie Oliver, absolutely amazing!!

Catering by Robinnette and Company.  Fabulous Steak Tips with Gravy, Steamed Rice, Steamed Fresh Carrots, Breads, Desserts:  Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, and an array of Cheese Cakes, Tea & Coffee.

This week-end of events began with a Children's Crusade on Friday evening.  This morning around 45 - 50 Children's Ministry workers, and Adult Teaching Staff members met for a session with the Olivers, then for this appreciation luncheon.  One final session followed after lunch.  

The week-end will end with a final Crusade service at the  Church Triumphant, 1030 Strawberry Road, Pasadena, Texas.  

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