Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Orleans Creole Chicken Sausage Gumbo

As a native New Orleans resident, my family adopted a prize winning recipe of Creole New Orleans Gumbo. When launching my business, I have adopted this recipe as my own and have served to many. Pictured here is me using our church kitchen to make a huge amount of gumbo for my lunches.

New Orleans Creole Chicken Sausage Gumbo
We use chicken breast and a lean sausage, a small amount of okra, the seasonings and a tomato base.
Served with steamed white rice.

French Bread

Our Signature Chocolate Cookie
Our signature cookie originated from a precious elderly lady in the church my preacher husband pastored in Leauge City, Texas. Pictured below is Granny Houston. These chocolate cookies are the best chocolate cookie I have ever eaten. We get many great reviews of the wonderful taste of these chocolaty savors.

Granny Houston of Texas City, Texas

Delivered to your workplace for $7.

To order: Email me at:
Orders must be in by 12:00 noon one day ahead of delivery date.
You can expect an email confirmation once your order has been placed.
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Wednesdays: Fuqua Office Park & Area & Fairmont Parkway
Thursdays: Clear Lake City Area
Fridays: Deer Park/LaPorte Area & Fairmont Parkway

Hobby, Almeda & surrounding areas:
Minimum of 7 orders for delivery. Best delivery day: Wednesday.


  1. Wouldn't, couldn't, and shouldn't miss this ~ I have not been disappointed yet! Since you are from New Orleans, this HAS to be delicious...count me in!

  2. Thank you for your confidence. Yes, I have had people who have traveled and eaten at the best places in New Orleans and declared my recipe the best.


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