Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mid Century Modern Office Design

Here is how it all began.  We had done nearly every room of this home.  The office is the very first room you see when you enter the home.  Mark has really cool taste and had some ideas of his own.

He shared his ideas for an entire wall unit including bookshelves.  We helped to guide the process. Once the pros got the main structure done, we were ready to put our touch on this space.

 Mark designed and made himself this super cool chandelier. ♥♥

Mark and his wife, Latisha
Thank you Mark for allowing me to post photos of your office.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beta Academy

Beta Academy principal, Latisha Andrews was a former client.  We have done almost every room in their beautiful home, including a home office.

Now, Beta Academy has moved into their new facilities at this location.  Latisha called me to do her personal office then the lobby area as pictured below.  We also had the privilege of decorating one other office in this building.

This is their administration building.

Here are the results!
This small wall was built to define a small office area on the other side.  This gave us a chance to
do a little decor on the lobby side.

We had a great time shopping for this gallery.  Fell in love with each and every piece of art!

Online shopping took care of a large percentage of furniture .

Super excited how well the back wall came out.  This hallway is orange and the opposite one on the other side of the building is green as the colors in their logo.  Love the new flooring also!!

The back hallway leading to storage and some restrooms.


♥ The End ♥♥

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